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 An assessment call is a half-hour conversation about your operations and concerns. The assessment call works two ways. It allows us to determine if we can be of service based on your specific operating needs while allowing you the ability to assess our experience and expertise.

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Insight: In a 5% net profit business, it takes $1,000 of Revenue to make $50 of Profit ($1,000 X 5% = $50).  However, eliminating $50 of Cost also increases Profit by $50.  Therefore, eliminating $50 of Cost has the same bottom line impact as adding $1,000 of Revenue.

Cost elimination is a powerful tool for increasing profitability.

A professional trucking consultant provides clients with effective, innovative solutions and workable implementation strategies.  Project success is measured by bottom line results and the ability of the client company to operate at a significantly higher level of performance without continued consultant involvement.

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